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2/28/2021 8:39:53 PM

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product details
Auction Closes At: 10:10:00 12/16/2020
Time Remaining: Closed
Lot# & Name: 558. Fossil Horn
Estimate: $1,200-$1,500
Current High Bid: $300.00
Auction Closed(Final Price) $300.00

Category: Collectibles
Sub Category: Natural History
Culture or Country: Probably Northwestern USA.
Period: Cretaceous period, 145 to 65 million BP.
Size: 7H. x 5W. base.

Description: Mottled gray, brown and tan fossil horn possibly from a ceratopsid reptile. At the base of the sturdy and strong defense weapon, the fossilized bone fans out to what remains of what was probably a much larger bony plate frill on the head and face of the creature. Tip reattached and several pieces reattached at base. Ceratopsidae, had very large frills and horns on the nose and above the eyes. Ceratopsidae is made up of two lineages: the Chasmosaurinae had large eye horns and small nose horns, and the Centrosaurinae had small eye horns and large nose horns. Chasmosaurinae includes Triceratops and Torosaurus. Triceratops was unusual among ceratopsians in that its bony head frill was short and of solid bone; in other forms the frills were larger and mostly open in the center. Kosmoceratops, with its broad frill and hooks projecting forward from the top of its skull, and Utahceratops, characterized by a large horn rising from the top of its nose, were close relatives of Triceratops. The skull of Kosmoceratops is considered by many paleontologists to be the most ornate of any known dinosaur. (Brittanica).
Provenance: Private East Coast Collection.
Shipping Fee:
National: $25.00
International: $125.00 (This is approximate and for Postal Service. Prices may vary, especially for private carriers such as: FEDEX, UPS and BAX).

Fossil Horn

BIDDER BID QTY Original Bid Time
1. Pangaean $300.00 1 12/16/2020 9:59:07 AM
2. Beham $275.00 1 11/26/2020 8:11:47 PM
3. bandit $275.00(losing tie) 1 12/16/2020 9:56:32 AM
4. Gigante $225.00 1 12/15/2020 4:08:46 PM
5. Gigante $200.00 1 12/14/2020 12:05:43 PM

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