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11/24/2020 6:45:57 PM

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001. Tlatilco Standing Figure
Current Bid: $300
002. Tlatilco Figure with Hair Tuft
Opening Bid: $300
003. Small Olmec-Tlatilco Solid Figure
Opening Bid: $500
004. Tlatilco Nude Female Figure
Opening Bid: $175
005. Tlatilco Figures & Mezcala Diorite Pendants (4)
Opening Bid: $350
006. Michoacan Pretty Lady Figures (3)
Opening Bid: $250
007. Xalitla Female Figure Seated with Legs Crossed
Opening Bid: $900
008. Xalitla Figure in Relaxed Position
Opening Bid: $750
009. Chupicuaro Figures Carrying Animals (2)
Opening Bid: $200
Listing 1 - 9 of 273
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