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11/24/2020 5:50:09 PM

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297. Tang Lokapala Head & Torso
Opening Bid: $15000
298. Khmer Large Sandstone Figure of Vishnu
Opening Bid: $5000
299. Large Female Beauty Sandstone Torso
Opening Bid: $6000
300. Indian Red Sandstone Standing Lord Vishnu
Opening Bid: $7500
301. Tang Dynasty Tomb Figure of a Warrior
Opening Bid: $1200
302. Tang Dynasty Horse & Rider
Opening Bid: $1500
303. Han Dynasty Large Terracotta Horse Head
Opening Bid: $750
304. Ming Dynasty Tomb Figure
Opening Bid: $900
305. Chinese Tang Dynasty Limestone Buddhist Sculpture
Opening Bid: $1000
Listing 1 - 9 of 36
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