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Summer Variety UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
008Kulango Maternity Figure239Chupicuaro Brown Ware Vessels (3)374Jalisco Polychrome Bowls (2)
011Baule Heddle Pulleys (2)241Chupicuaro Rayed Bowl375Jalisco Seated Woman Holding Bowl
014Senufo Female Figure242Two Chupicuaro Ollas & Pinch Bowl (3)376Jalisco Curled Dog Vessel
015Tall Baule Male Figure243Small Chupicuaro Vessels (4)380Michoacan Tripod Vessel
019Dan Poro Mask with Beard245Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl & Unusual Spouted Vessel (2)381Domed Hut Models (2)
027Dogon Millet Grinder246Chupicuaro Tripod Face Bowl 382Michoacan Decorated Chalice
036Brass Lidded Container247Pre-Classic Vessels & Bowls (6)383Jalisco Seated Figures (2)
037Ewe Dolls (3)250Olmec Large Stone Celt384Michoacan Square Bottle
038Large Mossi Wooden Whistle251Mezcala Standing Stone Figures (2)387Michoacan Large Decorated Olla
039Large Mossi Wooden Whistle254Olmecoid Head Pot & Colima Redware Olla (2)388Michoacan Jar, Bowl & Tripod (3)
040Mossi Large Wooden Flute or Whistle255Chupicuaro Small Decorated Bowls & Olla (3) 396Zacatecas Miniature Seated Female Figure
045Bamun Chief Collar258Chupicuaro Small Face Bowls & Snake Ring Bottle (3) 397Ixlan del Rio Seated Male Figure
047Reliquary Figure260Chupicuaro Three Small Decorated Tripod Bowls399Nayarit & Chinesco Figures (3)
052Grassfields Dignitary Figure261Chupicuaro & Michoacan Small Decorated Ollas (4)400Zacatecas Seated Female Figure
054Nigerian Blade with Head Finial 262Chupicuaro Four Small Vessels (4)401Pihuamo Seated Female Figural Vessel
056Iron Currency264Michoacan & Two Chupicuaro Bowls (3)403Nayarit Seated Male Figure
064Yoruba Shango Staff265Olmecoid Jade Celts (2)404Pottery Teapot Vessel
066Female Ibeji Twins with Crested Updo (2)269Michoacan Small Decorated Bowls (5)405Colima Curled Dog
067Female Ibeji Figures (3)270Tlatilco Miniature “Pretty Ladies” (5)406Strands of Shell & Stone Beads (2)
074Bakuba Wood Harp271Pre-Classic Miniature Amuletic Figures (5)410Casas Grandes Small Decorated Bowl
076Vili Female Figure274Tlatilco Pottery Figural Busts (2) 412Casas Grandes Decorated Bowl
078Luba-Hemba Male Figure276Chupicuaro & Colima Head Pot Vessels (2)413Zapotec Pottery Bottle
079Luba Female Figure277Chupicuaro Small Decorated Ollas (2)414Huastec Zoomorphic Vessels (2)
083Tanzania Shambaa Figure with Rope278Chupicuaro Vessel415Huastec Anthropomorphic Vessels (2)
087Masai Knob Club and Whisk (2)279Pihuamo Seated Female Figure416Huastec Teapot Vessel with Human Face
092Bone Dagger285Colima Redware Olla 417Post Classic Colima Facial Urn
112Native American Baskets (4)286Colima Standing Male Figure418Colima Head Vessel
117Native American Lidded Baskets (4)291Colima Flat Male & Female Figures (2)419Post Classic Colima Head Vessel
129Indian Figure, Kris Handle and 1/2 Mask (3)292Colima Redware Lentoid Bowl420Olmecoid Standing Pottery Figure
133Ancient Gold, Silver & Bronze Ancient Bracelets (7)293Colima Pottery Head Vessel421Maya Orangeware-Plumbate Pottery Cylinder
136Luristan Silvered Bronze Bowl295Colima Very Large Warrior with Club 425Molded Maya Figure
137Luristan Noded Bronze & Silver Bracelets & Latch (6)296Colima Obsidian Discs, Pottery and Stone Beaded Necklaces (3)426Maya Molded Singing Figure
139Large Silver Clothing Pin and Bronze Surgical Tool (2)297Colima Obsidian Disc Pottery & Stone Bead Necklaces (3)427Maya Molded Figure
148Greek Figure & Head (2)298Colima Acrobat with Bowl 432Maya Seated Figural Urn
150Syrian Limestone Bust of a Youth299Colima Stone Axes (2)433Maya Chama Type Deep Bowl
151Syrian Limestone Bust300Colima Shell Pendants (3)434Maya Decorated Deep Bowl
152Syrian Limestone Bust301Colima Pretty Lady Triplets (3)435Maya Polychrome Small Deep Dish Plate
156Greek Pottery Figures (5)302Colima Triplets & Twins (5)438Classic Maya Plate & Copador Bowl (2)
159Attic Kylix 304Colima Redware Squash Olla440Maya Plumbate Jaguar Vessel
160Greek Standing Female Figure306Colima Mask with Sharp Long Nose 443Maya Lidded Jaguar Incensario
162Apulian Oinochoe with Lady of Fashion Profile307Colima Bedded Figure 444Maya Pottery Bowl
170Late Roman Bone Figure of Aphrodite310Colima Large Seated Figure with Jesters Collar 449Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl
172Egyptian Stone Tapered Jar312Colima Standing Warrior with Backsplash & Wielding Club 455Costa Rican Stone Anthropomorphic Celts (2)
173Cartonnage Fragment with Two Panels314Colima Warrior, Seated Figure & Mother with Child (3)456Costa Rican Axe God Necklace
174Cartonnage Panel with Relief Partial Wig316Pihuamo Seated Female Vessel457Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel with Jaguar Head
175Egyptian Ushabti317Colima Redware Pumpkin Vessel458Costa Rican Axe God Celts (2)
177Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace319Colima Large Seated Male Figure460Costa Rican Warrior with Trophy Head
178Pale Green Ushabti320Miniature Colima Duck Vessel461Costa Rican Polychrome Decorated Seated Figure
185Roman-Egypt Harpocrates Holding Cornucopia323Colima Large Frog Vessel 462Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera
188Large Islamic Copper Tray with Table Mount325Colima Tlaloc Incensario471Sinu Gold Triple Bird Finial
189Bronze Seals, Oil Lamp, Lock Parts & Spoon (6)328Colima Hunchback Male Figure472Late Moche Gilt Copper Ear Spools (2)
190Islamic Bronze Vessels (2)329Colima Pottery Head Vessel475Sinu Flared Globular Bowl
191Holywater Flasks (2)330Colima Redware Dog478Tumaco Fish Grater and a Half Grater (2)
192Nishapur Baluster Shape Vase332Colima Pottery Shamans Stool480Tamalameque Lidded Effigy Vessel
195Group of 15 Glass Bangle Bracelets333Colima Monumental Ocelot Urn485Chavin Redware Pottery Bottle
196Roman Gold Intaglio Finger Ring 336Large Colima Dog with Urn 486Chavin Grayware Vessel with Incised Design
197Gilded Bronze Bust of St. Catherine Holding Sword337Colima Pottery Small Shell Vessel492Chavin Gray Ware Bottle
198Medieval Silver Belt/Shoe Buckle339Colima Small Dog496Chavin Vessel With Globular Body
199Celtic La Tene Decorated Gold Bracelet340Colima Tripod Parrot Legged Olla 497Chavin Anthracite Mirror
204Pair of Yuan Dynasty Mounted Riders341Colima Redware Pottery Four-Lobed Vessel502Moche II Blackware Vessel with Inlays
205Japanese Large Samurai Iron Urn342Colima Redware Pottery Shrimp Vessel508Moche Molded Pottery Figures (2)
206Erotic Bronze of Rama and Shinta343Colima Seated Dwarf Hunchback Figural Vessel516Chimu-Inca Blackware Figural Vessels (2)
210Pair of Foo Lions and Small Figures (4)345Colima Redware Pottery Double Lobed Vessel520Chancay Medium Sized China
212Two Japanese Eating Kits (2)346Colima Seated Female with Bowl On Shoulder521Chancay Textile Tumpline & Wooden Staff (2)
214Ban Chieng Pottery Jars (3)347Colima Double Bird Vessel522Chimu Copper Figural Cal Spoon
218European Tall Case Clock349Colima Double Bird Vessel523Blackware Pottery Vessels (3)
219Decorated Bronze Vessel & Mortar (2)350Colima Seated Figures (2)525Sican Blackware Pottery Vessel
220Two Helmets & Pair of Epaulets (4)351Colima Double Duck Vessel526Cajamarca Decorated Bowls (3)
221English Chamber Pot Set (2)354Colima Redware Ollas (2)528Huari Hollow Pottery Figure
225Chupicuaro Bowls (3)355Colima Large Squash Vessel529Tiahuanaco Stone Llama Scepter
226Olmec Miniature Crawling Baby356Colima Redware Coatimundi530Aztec/Toltec Deity Head Vessel
227Olmec Miniature Seated Figure 357Colima Redware Janus Head Vessel534Marajoara Small Decorated Bowl
228Pre-Classic Mammary Tripod Bowls (3)361Colima Shaman Figure Squating on Haunches535Marajoara Decorated Lobed Olla
229Chupicuaro Seated Pendant Figures (4)363Michoacan Tripod Bowls (2)536Marajoara Bowl with Carved Decoration
231Chupicuaro Small Pottery Vessels (3)364Large Colima Shaman-Warrior 537Marajoara Redware Incised Olla
232Chupicuaro Pottery Bowls & Mini Fruitera (3)366Colima Redware Squat Olla & Noded Jar (2)538Arari Redware Incised Ovular Bowl
233Chupicuaro Miniature Polychrome Bird Vessels (2)368Autlan Seated Female Figure 542Two Small Nazca Checkered Panels
234Chupicuaro Small Figures (6) 371Nayarit Seated Figure Holding a Ball
238Chupicuaro Pinched & Boat Shape Bowls (2)372Jalisco Warrior With Captive