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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art and Classical Antiquities #73 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
002Xalitla Seated Figure with Raised Knees 135Post Classic Colima Facial Urn357Hellenistic Marble Portrait Head of a Youth
011Olmec Pinch Bowl 137Maya-Teotihuancan Tripod Vase358Deep Bust of the Goddess Persephone
013Olmec Seated Baby140Maya Stucco Maskette 359Etruscan Terracotta Revetment Tile
015Olmec Blue Jade Decorated Celt143Maya Decorated Square Vase 365Attic Black-Figure Lekythos
021Chupicuaro Polychrome Standing Figure145Maya Large Polychrome Decorated Cylinder366Lucanian Red-Figure Painted Hydria
026Colima Flute Player 146Maya Carved Cylinder375Romano-British Bronze Prancing Horse
029Colima Shaman Head Vessel 151Maya Eccentric Flints (9)376Roman Bronze Figure of a Lictor
032Colima Face Mask155Teotihuacan Reclining Dog377Roman Bronze Bust of a Maenad
033Colima Parrot Nest158Maya Tetrapod Plate 379Roman Alabaster Head of Zeus-Serapis
038Four Colima Stone Disc Pectorals 162Costa Rican Marble Owl Mace Head380Roman Marble Head
039Pair of Colima Carved Shell Crocodile Pendants 163Large Costa Rican Stone Metate381Byzantine Pottery Tile with Pegasus
041Colima Cargador Figure171Sinu Gold Standing Shaman Finial 382Roman Marble Stele Fragment
049Colima Coyote Head Vessel173Sinu Triple Lizard Pendant383Roman Glass Bottle with Painted Design
051Colima Double Dog Vessel 175Sinu Gold Triple Bird Finial386Three Pairs of Spiraled Silver Ornaments (6)
052Colima Seated Dog 183Malagana Human Face Mask 392Ancient Electrum and Silver Pins (27)
053Colima Seated Dog 193Moche I Grotesque Portrait Face397Four Finger Rings
058Jalisco Blackware Dog195Moche IV Vessel with Stirrup Spout 403Amarna Blue Glass Beaded Necklace
059Nayarit Pottery Shell Trumpet198Moche IV Avian Vessel404Mummy Bead Necklaces (2)
060Jalisco Pensador Seated Figure 199Moche V Vessel with Stirrup Spout405Islamic Blue Glass Beaded Necklace
061Colima Pottery Conch Shell Trumpet204Moche IV Figural Vessel 407Limestone Deep Bust
062Jalisco Standing Figure 205Moche Warrior Vessel410Middle Kingdom Faience Bust
064Jalisco Seated Female Holding Bowl213Fine-Line Vessel with Fish-Demon Deity416Large Bronze Osiris
066Chinesco Large Standing Female Figure215Mountain Vessel with Warrior and Weapons Bundle421Large Ptah-Sokar Osiris Figure
073Ameca Large Seated Female Figure217Moche Birthing Vessel422Framed Egyptian Cartonnage Fragment
074Jalisco Armored Warrior222Moche Fine-Line Bird Vessel424Coptic Textile Fragment
077Ameca Female with Tattoo Breasts229Nazca Vessel with Chicks443Large Chupicuaro Polychromed Bowl
092Ameca Large Seated Female Figure230Chancay Wooden Boundary Marker 444Chupicuaro Polychromed Bowl and Chalice (2)
093Jalisco Seated Female Figure234Sican Sealion Lobed Vessel445Two Nayarit Figures
107Veracruz Standing Warrior Figure236Inca Gray Ware Hunter Bottle447Two Jalisco Pottery Figures
108Nopiloa Large Articulated Doll 238Lambayeque Figural Double Lobed Vessel459Two Nazca Vessels
109Veracruz Seated Dignitary 246Small Huari Tunic462Nazca Bird Bowl
114Veracruz Articulated Figure 247Sican Deity Textile470Five Chancay Items
118Nopiloa Figural Rattle 257Chimu Offering Cloth472Two Inca Blackware Vessels
119Veracruz Musician Figural Whistle 263Bolivian Textile Poncho473Two Chimu Blackware Vessels
120Aztec Skeletal Seated Figure 265Bolivian Textile Poncho 474Chimu and Sican Blackware Vessels (2)
122Veracruz Standing Warrior267Bolivian Textile Poncho 560Luristan Bells, Rings and a Figure (7)
125Michoacan Large Pottery Olla268Bolivian Textile Poncho 561Two Ancient Near East Faience Beaded Necklaces
127Casas Grandes Anthrpomorphic Olla 297Two Ancient Dogon Bronze Equestrians564Four Bactrian Bronze Seals
128Casas Grandes Decorated Olla 305Bamana Kore Society Mask565Hellenistic Molded Figure
129Casas Grandes Decorated Olla323Fon Sceptre572Three Ancient Near East and Roman Necklaces
130Casas Grandes Decorated Olla 324Mahongwe Partial Reliquary Figure575Egyptian Antiquities Lot (4)
131Casas Grandes Decorated Olla 337Santa Cruz Island “Napa” Dance Club578Roman-Egyptian Heads (20)
132Casas Grandes Decorated Olla 351Roman and Later Surgical Tools (10)596Gold Jewelry (3)
133Colima Head Vessel353Early Bronze Age Pottery Vessel
134Post Classic Colima Head Vessel 355Greek Protome Bust of a Female