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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art and Classical Antiquities Auc 74 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
008Northwest Coast Polychromed Wood Hat148Loma Negra Gilt Crown with Anthropomorphic Ornament270Greco-Hellenistic Bronze Figure
012Crow Hide Covered Saddles (2)149Paracas Gold Crown with Relief Spider 284Greek Gold Band with Amphoras
019Baule Mask153Sican/Lambaeque Silver Beaker289Roman Bronze Nude Male Figure
026Dogon Horse and Rider155Moche Gold Nose Ornament 301Byzantine Lead Weight
027Bamana Kore Society Mask163Chavin Yuka Fruit Vessel 303Millifiore Glass Gaming Tokens (13)
033Chokwe “Po” Masks (2)165Early Chavin Stirrup Vessel 306Achaemenid Silver Bracelet and Necklace (2)
034Pwo Mask166Paracas Owl Head Vessel 308Two Amarna Beaded Necklaces
054Ekpe Mask167Paracas Cavernas Vessel 309Pair of Roman Gold Earrings
070Massai Shield168Paracas Bowl with Incised Figure310Roman Gold Ring with Intaglio
072Hemba-Luba Janeiform Figure173Moche II-III Feline Dignitary & Cub Vessel 311Pair of Hellenistic Gold Earrings
073Bracelet Currency Bracelet and Iron Fetish (3)185Moche III Reed Boat with Fisherman Vessel 312Roman Gold Earrings
077Xalitla Seated Figure186Moche IV Monumental Figural Urn351Early Yei Rug and Eskimo Basket (2)
078Xalitla Seated Figure 187Moche IV Large Feline Vessel 358Six Southwest Pots
088Ixlan del Rio Matching Pair191Nazca Decorated Pan Pipe360Bolivian Textile Blanket/Poncho
092Nayarit Warrior 192Inca Head Pacha361Peruvian Large Textile Bags (2)
095Nayarit Female Figure with Bowl198Early Moche/Loma Negra Copper Pectoral 362Persian Large Striped Textile Panel
098Colima Two-tone Redware Dog 199Moche/Loma Negra Ceremonial Shoes 363Indo-Persian Fringed Textile Panels (2)
101Colima Curled Dog201Early Moche/Loma Negra Copper Tumi374Bamana Lock
102Large Colima Redware Standing Dog204Huari Spondulas Shell & Gold Necklace376Igbo Figure
103Colima Seated Redware Dog205Huari Female Figure378Four Shell and Glass Beaded Necklaces
104Colima Large Two-tone Redware Dog207Sican Cosmic Blackware Bottle 382Nayarit Dog Vessel
105Colima Redware Crouching Male Dog 212Chucu/Inca Painted Plaque403Chimu Silver Beaded Necklace
110San Juanito Seated Old Man222Faience Glazed Horus and Isis Grouping404Chorrera Redware Pottery Bottle
111San Juanito Seated Shaman in Trance229Core Formed Glass Amphoriskos 408Moche Prisoner and Figure (2)
112Ixtlan del Rio Figure with Bowl232Islamic Bronze Stylized Stag410Sican and Ica Vessels (2)
114Colima Seated Female Figure236Mesopotamian Pottery Mask420Bolivian Textile Panels (2)
118Veracruz Warrior Holding Shield239Phoenician and Luristan Bells (2)422Inca Textile Fragment
120Casas Grandes Decorated Olla 254Gilt Silver Square Ornament432Old World Flint Tools (4)
121Casas Grandes Zoomorphic Olla 255Three Bronze Buckles436A Silver and Two Bronze Camel Heads (3)
122Huastec Large Seated Figure256Luristan Bronze Pins (10)440Luristan Horse Bit Parts (6)
133Maya Jade Pendant Necklace257Luristan Bronze Pins (8)446Two Nal Pottery Vessels
134Costa Rican Jade and Gold Beaded Necklace259Large Bronze Pin with Horned Goat Head450Roman Gold Hoop Earrings and a Single (3)
143Tiwanaku Gold Decorated Headdress Ornament260Stone and Bronze Kohl Bottles (2)478Roman Stone Bust and Bactrian Pottery Head (2)
144Sican Gold Birds Riding a Snake 267Neolithic Basalt Mortar504Group of Early Iron Locks & Lockplates (10)
145Sican Silver Assembly 268Phoenician-Canaanite Bronze Figure
147Moche Gold Atl-Atl with Figure269Transcaucasian Bronze Rattle